About Us

TORRIJOS & ASOCIADOS was founded in 1992 by the late Dr. Hugo Torrijos Richa ✝, renowned expert and specialist in maritime law, who for more than 10 years served as General Director of the former Panama´s Directorate of Consular Maritime Affairs, known today as the Panama Maritime Authority. During Dr. Torrijos’ tenure, the Panamanian ship registry grew into the world’s largest open registry, earning him recognition as “principal architect of modern Panamanian shipping” from Fairplay Magazine.

Since its inception, our law firm has been characterized by a strong commitment to provide the highest quality and most efficient professional legal services. Our experienced team of specialized attorneys will provide you with the legal advice and representation you need to achieve your goals.

TORRIJOS & ASOCIADOS is proud to be a member of PANAMA MARITIME GROUP, one of the first groups in Panama to offer integrated solutions all under one roof to both the national and international maritime communities. As a member of the group, we count on the technical support of PANAMA MARITIME DOCUMENTATION SERVICES INC, an organization recognized and authorized by the Panama and Belize Registries to carry out the inspection and certification of vessels; and rely on the educational services of MARINE TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION CENTRE, a seafarers training center which objective is the proper training and certification of seafarers in full compliance with the provisions of the STCW 78/95 Convention.

TORRIJOS & ASOCIADOS is currently under the leadership of Mrs. Magali de Torrijos, who has successfully continued to maintain the legacy of our founder. Mrs. Torrijos has further enhanced our image and reinforced our presence at the national and international levels by actively preserving and strengthening our ties with other law firms, Panamanian consulates and flag state administrations; and she has firmly established our current position as one of the five most dynamic and effective Panamanian maritime law firms.